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The basic goal is to collect enough beads to earn a legend. (strings of beads once facilitated oral tradition) Legends are stories of family greatness: Discovering technology, Ascending in society, and Heroic deeds. Legends provide advantages against the inevitable Challenge of the Age.

Legends and Challenges are only a small part of the stories told. Rites of passage, romance, snapshots of daily life, sibling rivalry, etc. These stories bond players to each family in the lineage. Every generation is guided long enough for a player to know them. Every family tells an unique, engaging, interactive story.

The last layer of play contains the ruling games. Should a family reach the ruling class, they can play a simulation of ruling in the current age. Lose this game, and they fall in society. Although playing ruling games are optional, these simulations will run in the background, and the family will be affected by their results.

As generations strive through the ages, stories change, to reflect changes in society. They slowly build a grand and personal legend of western ancestors.

This is a game of many layers. First, moving pawns around the wheel represents basic striving in life. Forward to opportunity. Behind is an untimely death. Spend resources to advance pawns, but to get resources pawns must retreat.

art by Bill Stonehamhttp://stonehamstudios.com/
and Miriam Sherryhttp://www.mimsysherry.com/

There is a wonderful tale within you. It is the story of your ancestors and how you came to be.

From the sweat of laborers to the perspective of kings, build the tale of a family lineage that survived the changing ages. Or did they survive? How you guide them will determine their fate.