Notes for experienced adventure gamers

Alas, this is not the game of adventure's forefathers, but it may be the game of adventure's future. The Witch's Yarn is meant to be a stepping stone for casual game players to immerse themselves, for the first time, in an interactive narrative. The story puzzles presented, ramp their difficulty very slowly, from almost none in the first to chapters, to something fairly devious near the end.

Before you say, 'let them eat yarn', remember The Witch's Yarn is a new way to experience adventures. This isn't a run around, grab everything, and then apply all possible combinations to succeed kind of game. It's story and challenges are tightly integrated into the social fabric of its characters. The novelty of this game goes beyond it's clever user interface and mere $10,000 budget. It will be worth your one ATM denomination to experience what the future of adventure could be like.

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