Notes for experienced adventure gamers

'The Witch's Yarn' is a game that writes a story. It's for people who enjoy reading and theater. The game is played by cueing actors and props. Each cue affects the story's direction by placing that actor or prop in the center of what happens next. A cue can change the story by a little bit or a lot. If the story takes a bad turn, the direction can be changed.

The 'Rewind' button let's you explore different directions. It lets you go back to an earlier cue and change it. As a result you'll find the story moving along a new path in the story.

The Options&Info button provides simple but important ways to control your game experience. Be sure to match the speed of the game to your reading speed for optimal comfort. You can use your keyboard instead of the mouse to play the entire game. You can change the music volume. You can even take manual control over the presentation, for precision reading. There are in-game hints and tips, and of course our lovely credits.

The 'Quit' button saves the game with a bookmark. So feel free to stop and start when you like. A bookmark will be waiting for you when you return, allowing you to pick up exactly where you last stopped. And there no cause for alarm when the game instantly responds to the Quit button. When you say "quit", it quits! But you'll never lose your place in the story.

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