Chapter hints, teasers, and spoilers. Beware!

Chapter 1

  • Keeping your nose to the wheel will avoid complications, but simplicity isn't necessarily everybody's idea of a good time.

Chapter 2

  • You really want to deliver here. Wednesday's moods may swing, but with every swing she moves closer to her past. Swing too far one way, and her future will be sad.

Chapter 3

  • Remember, it's not what's in the package that is useful but what might be in the package that will help Wednesday make any one discovery.

    Other things to note:
    • The ice cream is very hard.
    • Cheap goods are very exhausting and are the only things that can't be packaged.
    • Commercialization is best done after an official warning.
    • Importing multiple goodies, and exporting enforcement to a parking stall will revive the weak.
    • Where there isn't disagreement about entertainment, there's usually something hiding.
    • If at first you don't riddle, a rewind will let you change your guess.
    • Be sure to get a bartender's advice before summoning demons of drink.

Chapter 4

  • When Wednesday can't put a finger on her loss, someone else will have to point it for her.

Chapter 5

  • Rivalries must be introduced quickly, before others distract them against Wednesday. Chapter rewinds are the only sure way to survive.

Chapter 6

  • The art of persuasion can end in disaster, unless you know who can best persuade whom.

Chapter 7

  • It's important to know who your friends are. Avoid their conflicts and they'll assist Wednesday's efforts to spell out arguments.

Chapter 8

  • A last minute surprise... should remain just that.

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