Shortcuts during play: the keyboard

Keyboard controls

  • To pause the game, tap the SPACE-BAR key. To resume play, tap SPACE-BAR again.
  • To force the next line of the story, press the TAB key. Each tap will display the next line of dialog.

Keyboard equivalents

  • Tap the 'C' key to open the CUE list.
    • In the CUE list, tap 1-9 to select a cue in the list.
  • Tap the 'R' key to open the Rewind menu.then:
    • Tap 'R' to rewind the game to change a recent cue.
    • Tap 'C' to rewind to the beginning of the current chapter.
    • Tap 'G' to restart the entire game from the very beginning.
    • Tap a number/digit key to rewind to that chapter number.
  • Tap 'H' or 'I' to bring up the Options&Info screen.
    • This screen requires the use of the mouse to navigate and operate all of its features. Who'd want to remember that many keyboard equivalents?

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