General Tips about playing the game

Greta can be very helpful. She is Wednesday's magical helper or 'familiar'. Greta is able to sense trouble before it happens and suggest ways to get out of it. Cueing her will often result in a lot of advice and a little sass. Rarely will she repeat herself, as she loves to have a lot of say in things.

The CUE button moves the story forward. By cueing actors and props, a player chooses the subject of the next short scene. When the scene ends, it's time to cue something new.

However, the player is never forced to wait before selecting their next cue. Suppose the player has rewound the game and is in a scene they've read before. This is a great time to jump forward, past the repeated scene and into the next scene. Simply press the cue button to interrupt the current scene and select a new cue. This will start the next scene right away. Waiting for the CUE button to pulse just ensures that everything important in a scene has been read. Why wait when you already know what happens?

The REWIND button lets you return to an earlier point in the story. The options given are: recent cue, chapter, and restart game. Rewinding back to a chapter, or restarting the entire game, are straightforward, but what if the player wants to rewind by more than just a recent cue, and by less than a full chapter?

After rewinding to a recent cue, that list of cues is displayed, waiting for the player to change their previous choice. However, if a player wants to rewind more, to change an even earlier choice, simple CLOSE the list of cues and press rewind again!

Extra keyboard controls:

  • To pause the game, tap the SPACE-BAR key. To resume play, tap SPACE-BAR again.
  • To force the next line of the story, press the TAB key. Each tap will display the next line of dialogue

For complete control over the game's dialog, first set the speed of the game to it's slowest setting and then use the TAB key to prompt each line of the story. This will help prevent the game from triggering a new line at the same time you press TAB, thus popping up TWO lines of dialogue simultaneously.

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