How to play

Begin the game by selecting the girl who will be queen of your gang. There are twelve girls to pick from. Scroll the list of girl cards by moving the mouse pointer to the right and left edges of the screen. Each girl has different levels of four basic talents: Popularity, Glamor, Rebellion, and Savvy.

Once picked, the queen of your gang will take you to the first game board, the High School. There you will win girls to your gang while you learn the first set of games, Taunt, Expose, and Fib. Explore the game board by moving the mouse pointer to the edges of the screen. To meet someone, click on one of the game pieces standing or moving upon the board. Press the red, 'i' button for examples.

When you meet someone, they will tell you what's going on. Choose your response from the buttons that each girl in your gang presents. More girls in your gang give you more options. The ACCEPT and IGNORE buttons are fairly generic in their purpose. ACCEPT means that girl generally agrees with what the person says. IGNORE means that girl doesn't really care what the person has said.

Other buttons, TAUNT, FIB, EXPOSE, FLIRT, and GAMBIT summons a mini-game to play against the person.

USE ITEM lets you use one of the prizes you have won during the game.

PARLEY allows you to converse in more depth with the person.

Each time you win a mini-game, your girl earns one experience badge, as noted by the tiny pips under their cameo. When she earns enough pips, she can boost one of her talents by one point.

Also, your girls can win prizes by playing the mini-games. Some of these prizes add to a girl's talents, and some prizes can be used for other purposes. Some prizes are kept by the whole gang. They cannot be lost if a girl should leave. Other's are kept by a particular girl. You can shuffle these items between the girls, by dragging them around in the prizes screen. Click on a girl's cameo to summon her prizes screen.

The best prizes in the game are boyfriends. Win boyfriends by playing the Flirting game. When a girl wins a boyfriend, she is able to use his talents as her own, if they are stronger. Also, should your girl lose a particularly important game, her boyfriend will sacrifice himself to save her from any penalties. Stronger boyfriends are the hardest to win.

As you explore and play games, the town's story will emerge, allowing you to pick encounters in order to change the story. Ultimately, you can defeat a dastardly villain and save the town.

General Tips